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Cuisine Consultants

Cuisine Consultants is a range of services to the food business's sector to install to one or both Cuisine manager products and with an Internal Audit to identify any problem areas such as productivity, wastage, ease of service, analysis, etc.

Cuisine Manager Solutions

Cuisine Manager Solution is a PC System, which is a 330 page template that the user easily tabs through the document and formulated spreadsheets.

There are 10 manual sections from the set up of the food business, also the legal requirements and day-to-day operations. Similar to what a franchise would use without the pricetag or the need for a tertiary educated catering manager.

Cuisine Manager for iPad

The Cuisine Manager iPad app is a 27 page template kitchen system covering the governments HACCP requirements, as well as the most crucial daily kitchen tasks for best practice.

It is on an alphabetical database that feeds into some of the forms eg. ordering, temperature checks, etc.

Once the pages are filled out it only needs to be adjusted on any other day, then is backed up to the business's internal categorised email address for one year period, then after two or even up to 7 years can be deleted or sent to staff devices or supplier etc. This is the most cost-effective and easier system on the market to assist the manager, chefs and apprentices.


  • Dishwasher, Refrigerator & Freezer
  • Cold Preparation Control
  • Food deliver
  • Cleaning, Maintenance & Hygiene Audit
  • Corrective Action
  • injury / Illiness Log
  • Food Safety Plan Review
  • Food Safety Armendment Log
  • Display & Service Control
  • Cooking chilling Control
  • Customer Complaint Procedure
  • Authorized supplier list
  • Chemical Usage Log
  • Produce Recall Log
  • Supplier Appraisal
  • Thermometer Cailbration Record

Food Manager

  • Prep List
  • Stocktake
  • Daily Takings
  • Expenses weekly
  • Work flow
  • Functions
  • Supplier Order
  • Forecasting Weekly
  • Costed Recipe Cards
  • Functions Kitchen
  • Supplier Contacts
  • Quarterly Costing
  • Staff Details
  • Daily Checklist
  • Charge Account
  • Forecastings Monthly

My Items

  • Suppliers
  • Brand
  • Item
  • Pack Size
  • Level
  • Unit Price
  • Container
  • Tax %
  • Tasks & Duties
  • Equipment For

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